Our comprehensive line of products will serve companies of all sizes in every sector. We also offer delivery and refuelling services to ensure that your business operates at an optimal level in any industry.

Racing Fuel

On today’s track, it’s not enough to have the best driver, you also need to have the best fuel. Our line of racing fuels has been designed to provide the performance, reliability and consistency needed in the high demand environment of motorsports. Whether you are driving on-road, off-road, on two wheels, or four, you can find the right fuel for your high-performance vehicle.

VP Racing Fuels
Sunoco Racing Fuels

Marine Fuel

We have a comprehensive offering of marine fuel for our customers. Whether you have a small barge or a large ship, we can cover your fuel oil needs. We also offer mobile marine refuelling services on the Mississippi Waterways.

Auto Fuel

Our range of auto fuel products and services has been designed to cut costs and save time for both large and small transport businesses. We offer package and bulk deals, along with a refuelling service on your location, which will cover all your auto fuel needs. Just let us know what type of fuel you need, where you need it, and when you need it, and we’re on the job.


Diesel is the lifeblood of many industries, from trucking fleets, to construction, gas stations and waste management companies. With our timely customer service, quality diesel products, and competitive prices, our bulk and package diesel options are designed to help you meet your budget and project deadlines. When you add our refueling service into the mix, you can keep your vehicles operational 24/7, meeting the high service standards that your clients demand.


We supply propane gas to businesses of all sizes and domestic customers. Along with our delivery service and competitive pricing, you can keep your fuel costs manageable. Whether you own a restaurant, a delivery company, work in agriculture or construction, we can supply you in every sector of industry and government. Take advantage of our bulk and package propane deals today!